These are delicious!

Yum. I got them at Costco, but apparently you can get them online. They are packed in a retort pouch, kinda like MREs. So you can cook them in boiling water or in a microwave-safe bowl. They don’t need to be frozen or refrigerated, though, and apparently have an 18 month shelf life.

A lot better than those camping meals or MREs if you’re like us and keep a “bug out” kit around. (For earthquakes and wildfires, in our case.)

Tasty Bite food is all-natural. It remains fresh for 18 months without preservatives or refrigeration.

It’s all in the technology we use.

The food is cooked and filled into a uniquely designed multi-layer retort pouch. The pouch is then sealed and the food inside is sterilized, using very high heat and pressure. The sealing and the construction of the pouch ensure that no bacteria or other degrading factors can impact the food. This process also ensures greater retention of the food’s original aroma, texture, nutrients and flavor.

The retort pouch-packaging concept was actually developed by the Apollo Space Program. So, when we say state of the art technology, we also mean space age technology – we thought you’d enjoy this little fact.