To save you time, Mr. President…

I’m calling my husband Tom on his cell phone tonight since he’s up in Los Angeles at E3 until tomorrow. That’s all. So you don’t need to keep watch on my phone calls tonight or anything. Night night, sir!

(I think we ALL should tell the President whenever we’re making a call – that database thingie has got to be just so much trouble for him to keep track off, don’t you think?)


Apparently, 63% of Americans SUPPORT fascism. Go figure.

A majority of Americans initially support a controversial National Security Agency program to collect information on telephone calls made in the United States in an effort to identify and investigate potential terrorist threats, according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll.

The new survey found that 63 percent of Americans said they found the NSA program to be an acceptable way to investigate terrorism, including 44 percent who strongly endorsed the effort. Another 35 percent said the program was unacceptable, which included 24 percent who strongly objected to it.


Yet one more reason I love Russ Feingold:

This Administration’s arrogance and abuse of power should concern all Americans. That the government may be secretly collecting, and using data mining to analyze, the phone records of millions of law-abiding Americans, as reported in the press today, is a frightening prospect. I am unaware of this program, and Congress needs to find out exactly what the Administration is doing and whether it is legal. It is time for the Administration to come clean with Congress and the American people. We can effectively fight terrorism and protect privacy, the rule of law, and separation of powers, but only if we have a President who believes in these principles. – Russ Feingold