Losing another friend

Losing the tree across the street was hard, but this one is truly tragic – they are taking down the one we call “The Dragon”, which was our Feng Shui “dragon” tree next door protecting our left flank.

I am truly angered. This is the asshat that is leaving his wife and two boys, two and five years old. Yes, he can do what he wants with his house and family and his new skanky woman, but I sure don’t have to like him. Sure, the tree is tearing up his foundation, but he’s already done a great job himself of destroying the foundations of his life.

And I sure don’t like him. I’ll miss that tree, I’ll miss his wife, and those kids, who are now living in a townhouse a few miles away. And I’ll sneer at the bastard and the skank every damn time I see them.

Not a good day. Not at all.

I’m off to sulk, now.