Slip sliding away

There are some days I’m grateful for a house that sits on a granite hill, even if it is a pain to try to garden in a foot or two of topsoil….

What people don’t realize is that many of the San Diego area hillsides are unstable. One good earthquake or heavy rain season, and we might find this even more common. > News > Metro — Landslide in La Jolla

A disaster foretold in July by cracks appearing in pavement and homes along Soledad Mountain Road struck suddenly yesterday morning when a massive slab of hillside broke loose, sending tons of dirt cascading toward streets below.

Two homes were destroyed, 15 others were left uninhabitable and three streets were rendered impassable in the La Jolla neighborhood built into the east side of Mount Soledad overlooking Interstate 5. In all, the city included 111 homes in the affected area.

No one was injured.

A bruising battle looms over what caused the massive slide and whether the city could have done something to prevent it. Litigation seems likely.