Monthly Archives: February 2003

sun and birds

The sun is peeking out for brief moments between rain showers
and the birds are coming down to feed on the the cone feeders
the kids made at the Wild Animal Park with peanut butter and bird seed,
as well as cleaning out the regular bird feeder. Guess they will be starting lots of new families soon and are pretty hungry.

I am trying to get my spirits up, but the rain still has me a bit down and I am still not out of the depression woods yet. Working on it, though.

more so cal rain

It’s hard to complain about so cal rain when others are dealing with snow and ice still, but it is getting a bit old. Especially when the golden retriever comes in soaked and the smell of wet dog permeated the house. At least I can count on my garden turning gorgeous next month and the roses going absolutely crazy with new growth.

And it is a good thing, because this will likely be all we get for a while. So we should enjoy the soaking while we can. It does put a damper on my mood though, which has been way too damp already.

brand new day

I wish it were a brand new day. I keep waking up to Groundhog Day, over and over. The same depression, the sam e negative feelings, the same boredom and lack of interest in anything. I just want to feel happy and alive again.