Monthly Archives: March 2003


I’ve switched to Welbutrin from the Effexor and the difference is like night and day… I am finally starting to feel some clarity in my thinking and feel like there is some hope for this long bout of depression to be ending. It’s been such a long haul and I am so glad to finally have some hope for feeling good again.

This week will be one of getting ready to go visiting in Colorado with my brother and his family. Haven’t seen them in a few years so it will be good to see them again. I’ve also got to start really planning and deciding what to be doing with myself in the months to come.

Julian road trip!

Had a really nice road trip to Julian today – good lunch at Margarita’s mexican restaurant, and of course picked up some bread from Dudley’s bakery. A really nice day.

New medicine from the pdoc – switching from Effexor to Welbutrin, so we’ll see if that helps get me feeling better.

baby steps

I know I need to take some baby steps to start figuring out what to do with my life. I need to find some activities that interest me and find ways to get myself motivated and interested in and involved in life again. Classes, volunteering, something. I am looking for what it is I would like to do.

shock and awe

After the two year buildup, I don’t think anyone is really in shock after the last couple days events. Or awe. Maybe aghast at the fact that the U.S. really did take such an arrogant action in its empire building new order, but not really, even that has been expected for some time now.

At least San Diego remanis gorgeous with lovely weather and my garden is blooming beautifully. Too bad my mood is still so poor I am barely able to appreciate it.

beautiful days

The days are just beautiful lately – wish my mood was, but can’t say it is. I’ve had a couple of really bad days and am not doing very well. Not sure what is going on. Have a call in to the doctor but haven’t heard anything back yet.
Guess we’ll see what he has to say.

something to do…

Still searching for something to do. I don’t know why it is so hard for me to find something that interests me to do, but for some reason my brain is simply not coming up with anything. I am really tired of living in this state of mind. Or lack thereof…

rainy saturday

Rain returns today – light so far but with promises of heavier rains later on today, we’ll see. The garden will enjoy it, I’m sure.

My mood is a bit low today.

Another beautiful San Diego day.

Another beautiful San Diego day. The roses are almost ready to go.
The daffodils are finishing up their show, and the freesias are providing
a wonderful fragrance to the garden air.

Saw the doc, basically need to up the Effexor voltage for the depression I still am feeling. I guess that is all right. Everything else is going well. I am losing
weight on the Topomax, that is good.


Had a wonderful salmon lunch with a friend today – it was delicious! The tropical salsa was the added bonus.

Did some work in the garden on my front garden path – trimmed back all the
overgrown geraniums and other plants that had gotten out of hand. It now
actually resembles a garden path again instead of a jungle trail.

My mood continues to fluctuate – mostly down in the morning with improvement
around midday but lows in midafternoon and evenings. I see the doc tomorrow
so we’ll see what he has to say.