Monthly Archives: March 2003


March is bringing a gentle breeze in today, with a lot of sunshine.
The roses are just starting to bud and a few are beginning to open – the Cecile Bruner has a couple of open flowers for the first time today. The rock roses are in bloom, along with the mallow and the gazanias on the back hill, so the hillside is a mass of color. The daffodils are still going in the front yard.

My mood continues to be poor. I start in the morning usually feeling quite low, and am somewhat stable by midday. But never much better than that. It’s not getting a lot better and I’m not very happy at all. I am going to talk to the doctor about it on Thursday.

Furry Friday

Well, it’s Friday, and I’m feeling a bit furry. Just kind of fuzzed out and out of tune with everything. The day is gorgeous, couldn’t be better, but my mood just can’t quite seem to catch up with a beautiful California day.

not a good day…

It’s not the best of days. I feel very unsettled and am having a difficult time making the smallest of decisions about what to do. I feel very lost and very
alone today. MOstly though it is this *WHAT DO I DO* feeling that is just hanging over me constantly, and it is a question I simply cannot seem to
answer no matter how hard I try. The answer is just I don’t have a clue.

blue skies

Blue skies today, maybe warmer. It looks good, anyway.

Can’t wait for the garden to take off and bloom. Right now the
iris are blooming everywhere and freesia and daffodils. Roses
are budding and should bloom soon.

My mood is slowly improving, I think, but still have some very
rough days. It is a long slow climb.

still cold

Still cold and a bit gray in San Diego today. So is my mood. The chill seems to keep me from feeling like I want to get out and do much. The clouds are scattered and not producing a lot of rain, but quite dark and look much more impressive than what they are producing, The breeze is chilly and very

I am not drifting as deeply into the depths of depression but am not really up to going and doing a lot yet. Its a very frustrating place to be. I have the energy to be doing, but not the mental state to be deciding what to do.

Gray Monday

Back to cold and gray weather for Monday.
This has set my mood back quite a bit. I am
really feeling the effects of the cold.

I am spending a lot of time wondering what
to do and where to look for a direction to move
as far as a career. I really don’t have a clue at this
point. It’s getting very frustrating.

In Like a Lion

Spring is Here – March is roaring in like a Lion,
with gusty breezes, sunshine, and lots of beautiful
California sunshine. It really is lovely. The roses are
full of buds and all the flowers are ready to burst into bloom.
Quite wonderful, really.