Monthly Archives: October 2003

california burnin'

Wow, what a week – the largest brushfire in California history, a mile from my house, and it ain’t over yet. Over 1000 homes lost (including those of at least two friends) and hundreds of thousands of acres burned.

At least we can breathe again. The ocean breeze has cleared the smoke that was blocking the sun for three days, and now the moon and stars are actually visible again. Life returns to normal for most, but for many others it will never be the same.

Let’s pray for some RAIN, finally…

For pictures of the smkoy skies yesterday, see

in mourning

My mother passed away September 25th. I am still not sure how to feel – it’s a mix of sadness, acceptance, grief and some anger. I am told that is normal.

My father died nine years ago, and in some ways, I’ve been anticipating my mother’s death since then. But there is so much to handle – not just the feelings, but the funeral, the estate, care for my sister and my nephew who are mentally disabled, and the household belongings and photographs, etc. It is a lot of details. Also handling the bills before the settlement company kicks in, and the legal end of things.

So I am in a mix of emotions and dealing with a lot of loose ends. I have already decided I will simply sell everything before I go, put it all into a trust and save my kids all this trouble.