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Gung Hei Fat Choy

“January 22, 2004 ushers in the Year of the Wood/Green Monkey “Jia Shen”. A Year of Movement, discussion and the exchange of ideas. A year highlighting: Politicians, diplomats, ambassadors, writers, spokesmen, storytellers, orators, salesmen, and confidence games. Welcome to the “Riverboat Gambler” year of the Chinese zodiac – the Irrepressible Monkey.” Courtesy of

“A year of sidestepping problems and clever manipulations, backed by intelligence and guile. Short-lived, transitory projects and the open exchange of ideas filters our emotions through an agile and razor sharp intelligence. Using a great sense of humor (and sarcasm) Monkey years, hold out bright prospects of a fascinating future, rich in the unexpected. A year of “transformations.” A year to give full rein to your imagination, but also be wary of over-optimism, allowing tolerance of the intolerable. Do not let your garden be over-run with weeds (destructive factions could bring trouble if allowed to propagate). Riots, revolutions and the overthrow of rulers, keep everyone on their toes! Monkey years spin everyone’s concept of “normal.” Bluffs, tricks, ruses and deceptions abound during Monkey years; Those who enjoy risk and novelty, thrive; Those who prefer predictability and convention, wince.”

Well, we can but hope for change in this country, but I suspect our little monkey smirky and his friends may have some surprises of their own saved up for the most opportune moments.

“The peak point in a Wood Monkey year is the Springtime, a period of growth and prosperity. The Wood element represents the first 12 years of life, the time of rapid development, idealism and youthful innocence. Wood element years are prime to begin sizable enterprises, expansions and major cooperation’s. Where there is recession, this Monkey year will tend to halt it in it’s tracks. Business should shoot up under this years optimistic and cunning influence. The resourcefulness in solving complex dilemmas should be a pleasant surprise.”

Happy Lunar New Year – we celebrated last night with a wok party with several friends – quite fun, lots of good food. With the new kitchen done, it feels like the house is ready for visitors once again. And perhaps that is helping me feel more up to it as well.

As for my coming year the chinese horoscope has this to say:

The Watchful Dog – The “Vanquishing Vigilante.”
Dogs have a tendency to complicate matters in Monkey years. Years ruled by the Monkey can bring the culmination of family disturbances, accusations, and losing face. The Dogs reputation may be on the line this year, do not act with haste, but carefully deliberate your options. Even though Dogs resent the carefree attitude and lack of perceived scruples during Monkey years, any vigilante-like rushing into chaos, could bring disastrous results. Take a deep breath and let it be…

Sounds like Dean may be a Dog. ;^) As for me, I think I had that year already a couple years ago. I’m ready to just let it be.

Happy New One

Welcome to 2004…should be an interesting year. As in, “may you live in interesting times”. I find the time we live in very interesting, mostly because of the current political climate. One of my pastimes is following the antics of the political scene, and figuring out the underlying motives behind what’s going on. There are the most obvious, of course (well, obvious to me, not necessarily to others) – the economic motives of Bush and friends, working to get rich while deceiving most people about what their actual goals are, the desire for power, and the seeming desire of some to actually make the world a nicer place to live (rare).

Then there are the less obvious but far more interesting ones. What drives Republicans to have swung so far to the religious right? Why are the dems now where the Republicans once were economically? Why are the Republicans so threatened by differeing viewpoints from their own? And my own viewpoints, which have swung all the way to libertarian and from there, somehow, to being almost progressive? (Mostly as a result of seeing how far the unfettered wealthy are willing to take things, and the lack of regard they have for those less fortunate).

Viewpoints are a constant source of fascination to me, in all areas. It’s amazing how often a new scientific discovery is made simply because someone was willing to look at things differently. And then how scorned they are by the old majority for holding a differing viewpoint, until it becomes more and more obvious that the new view is correct. The same seems to happen in so many fields. And how differently the same event can be seen by different people – for me, 9/11 was an example of how disastrous the effect was of Bush’s appointment, knowing he had all but completely cut off funding for investigating terrorist activities before then. How Gore had written a study for increasing airline security, which the Bush admin ignored until 9/11 occured. Yes it was a horrible tragedy, but one that should have been able to be avoided. Now, this administration swings the other way and limits our freedoms and securities at the same time by its oppressiveness and inability to create bet!
ter relations with foreign countries. Yet so few people look to the long term effects – they believe what they are told and refuse to think it through and see where the path we are on leads. Or to see through to what the real goals of this administration are, and how they subvert the truth to further themselves and their friends. Sad, really.