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Ivanov Grigory, “Wayfarer of the wind”. Oil on canvas. 1994. 70×70.

For wayfarers of all times, the right strategy for skillfully spreading the Way essentially lies in adapting to communicate. Those who do not know how to adapt stick to the letter and cling to doctrines, get stuck on forms and mired in sentiments — none of them succeed in strategic adaptation.

— Zhantang

“The artist must be a developed individual — an authentic hero and never a mere product of society. The hero, as Dorothea Dooling so aptly expressed it, “may be you or me, but only at the highest reaches of our most impossible possibility.” Her role is to release the active powers of nature, soul and spirit into the lives of men. The intensity of her vision is reflected in her capacity to fuse these three into a radiant, harmonious whole. Nature provides the medium and energy of the work — the dancer’s body, the painter’s colors, the sculptor’s stone, the composer’s instruments, the poet’s paper and ink or computer chip — as well as the body’s transformation of these. The musician trains her ear, the painter, his eyes and hand, the dancer her body. The soul provides the symbols, the mythic forms, the archetypal energies through which a universally human art is made intelligible. The spirit arrests the mind — projecting the experiencer out of himself into the realm of the infinite, the transcendent Mystery.” — Laurence G. Boldt, Zen and the Art of Making a Living.

“Thoroughly to know oneself, is above all art, for it is the highest art.”
— Theologia Germanica

Butts expand to fill available space…

OK, my 30 year high school reunion is in a month. I’ve known this since December, so did I bother to lose weight? No, of course not. I haven’t even been to the gym in months. Self-sabotage, I suppose. Anyway, now my butt has decided to expand to gargantuan proportions. Normally, I know I have a big butt and celebrate it, but right now, (squeezing into my size 12 jeans when I really ought to be putting on my 14s, but I’m mad at myself and I WILL wear these jeans, damn it!) I’m a bit pissed off at myself. WHY haven’t I gone to the gym? Because I feel like crap, because I haven’t been going to the gym.

I know, I’m in rant mode this week and being pissed at myself mode, but – I’m tired of this. I’m tired of all the excuses for all the things I don’t do that I know I need to do.

Gah. I was actually in shape, once. Played soccer, even, until I had kids. Even then, I worked out, stayed in shape most of the time, except for those years I was really depressed and out of things. Even now, I know it’s not that bad, that there are hard muscles under there from Pilates and yoga, but they are not as strong as they once were, and that bothers me. My back hurts, because the back and stomach muscles aren’t supporting it correctly.
I know this, and I know how to fix it – but I don’t do it.

It’s infuriating. Yes, I lost my fantastic yoga teacher and it bummed me out, yes, I have Japanese class taking up my workout time, yes, there are a million excuses – but – I want my body back, damn it. Yes, I could use a workout partner, a personal trainer, a buddy to make me go, whatever. I want to stop with the excuses and go to the gym and work out and get in shape, I really do.

But, I don’t….



This must be why books are stored in “stacks”.

This is all the books and art books and just plain stuff that has collected in the window by my computer this year. I set stuff here, to get to “later”, but – when is later, anyway? Meanwhile, I’m happily reading away at the blogs or out and about in the garden, or hunting down groceries, or whatever.

I’m tired of my stacks, my piles, the stuff of life that is literally everywhere in the house. I’m tired of my stuff, my husband’s stuff, my kid’s stuff. And this is *after* we’ve actually thinned out most of what we don’t need!

I use paperbackswap, and love it for getting rid of books. But then I order more, that I don’t read either, or that I start and then put down to get to – later. But like I said, when is later…

I have journals I don’t write in, art supplies I don’t use, stuff, stuff, stuff. And I *want* to write, and read, and do art. I just don’t get to it. If I schedule my time, I’m annoyed that I have to schedule stuff that should be fun, and I just rebel. If I don’t schedule my time, I find tons of things to do. But nothing that I really would like to get done, just – other stuff.

Does anyone have a suggestion? How can I get myself to actually get to the fun stuff I want to do? I’ve tried the journaling and the artist’s dates from artist’s way, and just felt like they were yet more things I “had” to do.

Glove Love

OK, I guess I have big hands for a woman. I bought these “one size” woman’s gloves, but they don’t fit. I think they would fit a woman with more normal size hands just fine, though.

Anyway, if you would like them, let me know, either comment here or by email to donna at woodka dot com, and I’ll send them along to you. First come, first served, sorry.