Hell is a Hospital…

Yeah, Im’ convinced after last night and today. Hell is a hospital. Went into the ER with high blood pressure and irregular heartbeat, found out my potassium was low, so they shouldn’ve filled me with potassium, changed my blood pressure prescription to eliminate the diuretic, and send me home, huh?

Oh, no . Gotta keep me overnight for observation. This morning it’s oh no, we gotta do a stress test. Then, it takes them three hours to find a doctor to get the results of the stress test and discharge me. And all the time, they treat you like a bunch of damn symptoms and ignore that you’re a person, then wonder why you get upset when you’re blood sugar level drops to zero and you haven’t slept all night.

But, I wasn’t upset for me. I was upset for the poor guy next door, throwing up with no damn nurse in there. I was upset for the guy on the other side who had a full catheter bag for hours and they finally had to call someone down from upstairs to change it because they didn’t know how. I was upset that they couldn’t find a doctor to order the tests they needed on the guy down the hall. I was upset because they all sat around watching the damn monitors and filling out charts and thinking they were taking care of the patients.

Nurses are supposed to take care of patients, not monitors, not charts.

I was upset for my mom, who had to put up with this kind of crap for 2 months in and out of the ICU, before finally dying from a hospital induced infection. No wonder my dad had a do not resuscitate order when he got cancer after having to be hopitalized for a month.

Medical care is this country is expensive because we’re treated like a bunch of symptoms instead of like people. All those tests, all that time, and all I really needed was a couple of frickin’ potassium pills. And I’m the lucky one.

So many are still there suffering with this crap.