This must be why books are stored in “stacks”.

This is all the books and art books and just plain stuff that has collected in the window by my computer this year. I set stuff here, to get to “later”, but – when is later, anyway? Meanwhile, I’m happily reading away at the blogs or out and about in the garden, or hunting down groceries, or whatever.

I’m tired of my stacks, my piles, the stuff of life that is literally everywhere in the house. I’m tired of my stuff, my husband’s stuff, my kid’s stuff. And this is *after* we’ve actually thinned out most of what we don’t need!

I use paperbackswap, and love it for getting rid of books. But then I order more, that I don’t read either, or that I start and then put down to get to – later. But like I said, when is later…

I have journals I don’t write in, art supplies I don’t use, stuff, stuff, stuff. And I *want* to write, and read, and do art. I just don’t get to it. If I schedule my time, I’m annoyed that I have to schedule stuff that should be fun, and I just rebel. If I don’t schedule my time, I find tons of things to do. But nothing that I really would like to get done, just – other stuff.

Does anyone have a suggestion? How can I get myself to actually get to the fun stuff I want to do? I’ve tried the journaling and the artist’s dates from artist’s way, and just felt like they were yet more things I “had” to do.