Ivanov Grigory, “Wayfarer of the wind”. Oil on canvas. 1994. 70×70.

For wayfarers of all times, the right strategy for skillfully spreading the Way essentially lies in adapting to communicate. Those who do not know how to adapt stick to the letter and cling to doctrines, get stuck on forms and mired in sentiments — none of them succeed in strategic adaptation.

— Zhantang

“The artist must be a developed individual — an authentic hero and never a mere product of society. The hero, as Dorothea Dooling so aptly expressed it, “may be you or me, but only at the highest reaches of our most impossible possibility.” Her role is to release the active powers of nature, soul and spirit into the lives of men. The intensity of her vision is reflected in her capacity to fuse these three into a radiant, harmonious whole. Nature provides the medium and energy of the work — the dancer’s body, the painter’s colors, the sculptor’s stone, the composer’s instruments, the poet’s paper and ink or computer chip — as well as the body’s transformation of these. The musician trains her ear, the painter, his eyes and hand, the dancer her body. The soul provides the symbols, the mythic forms, the archetypal energies through which a universally human art is made intelligible. The spirit arrests the mind — projecting the experiencer out of himself into the realm of the infinite, the transcendent Mystery.” — Laurence G. Boldt, Zen and the Art of Making a Living.

“Thoroughly to know oneself, is above all art, for it is the highest art.”
— Theologia Germanica