The Recovery about Nothing

This is why I read Stirling Newberry – he gets it. Both where we are, and where we could have been.

Damn it I wish Gore was president, every day now for six years I’ve wished it. I want the future, damn it – not to sit in this wasteland of the past anymore.

The Recovery about Nothing | TPMCafe

We know what the other first millenium decade would have looked like – wireless, sustainable energy and nanotechnology are all breaking out. If we had spent the trillions on this, rather than on building inefficient mcmansions and digging a deep dry hole in Iraq, at this point in the business cycle, with a shallow yield curve and the beginnings of inflationary pressure – effort would have shifted to these areas, and where the 1990’s saw wholesale trade become more efficient, stock trading broader and the internet ubiquitous, this decade would have seen wireless, a wind build out, and greater efficiencies of content distribution – movies being downloaded, and not mailed in little red and blue sleeves.