Seeking Solace

Solace, Pino Daeni

Seeking Solace

There is no comfort tonight
No friend willing to spend the long night
Talking things over,
Seeing what can be made right
And what is gone forever.

“I thought we were beyond that”, he says –
And yet a part of me
Will never be beyond that,
Entrapped in a time when Love
Justified so many hurts.

Tonight the memories linger
And I long for someone
Who understands it all
Knowing the depths of those feelings
And how it all unraveled.

I know he’ll never get it
How deep this river runs,
How far it flows from the quiet springs
To the roaring rapids,
And finally to the sea’s edge.

Until at last we join that ocean again –
And what is the difference then
between one drop of water and another?
And yet they all insisted
That only two drops could ever join together…