Baby sisters’ colour mix a rare phenomenon |

BEAUTIFUL twin sisters Alicia and Jasmin Singerl certainly make people look twice.
Alicia has dark brown eyes and complexion, and Jasmin is blue-eyed and fair-skinned.

Experts say the chance of twins being born with such different physical characteristics is about a million to one.

Via Stranger Fruit

I had a new air conditioner and heater installed this week, and at one point, one tech was hooking up the thermostat and confused by the wire coloring, and the other tech was telling him, “color is just what you make of it”. I laughed, because it was funny to me. One tech was of french heritage and the other was black, and the comment was from the black installer.

I wish it were as true of people as it is of electrical wiring, that the color is simply a marker, that skin color would matter as little as any of our other individual features. Sadly to some, this isn’t true. I wonder at how these girls will be treated, the comments that will be made to them. But I imagine they will form a very special bond and be very supportive of one another.

These girls are a unique combination, a one in a milllion chance. But, we are each that one in a million chance, if we but realize it. The wonders of genetics makes us all so similar, yet all so unique. And what a wonderful thing that is.