What Watermark Says

I’ve never really seen Watermark get political before.

My, she does it well. And eloquently.


Just as most rape and child molestation is not about sex, the core of these scandals is not about sex, either. It’s about hypocrisy, greed, abuse of power (which is, after all, what many who have too much do with it), selfishness, narcissism, and the arrogance of the untouchable. But criminality — the abuse and deception and exploitation of the weak and uninformed and easily led — uses the same techniques, in both the commission of the crime and the denial of responsibility.

We have seen all of this in the past few weeks. In the past months; in the past years — as military contracts are let without bids to companies with connections, which are then not held to the terms of the contracts. In the public flaying of those who question the war and so ‘don’t support the troops’ by the very people who refuse to provide our soldiers with sufficient equipment and armor. In the pretense that we don’t torture. In the lies about who knew what, and when.

It’s about votes. It’s about money.

But really, right down to it, it’s about power.