A few of the many candles on my mantle

Krista asked us to explore candelight for Create a Connection’s Photo Thursday. This is simply a photo of some of the many candles on my mantle, some still there from Christmas, others that always are at home on the mantle. I tend to light them in the evenings, put on some good music and enjoy the calm on those rare occasions when all the boys are out for the evening. I don’t get enough of those evenings these days. Usually the boys have all their friends here playing their role-playing games.

I think candlelight has always felt special to me since I was little. I always got to be the one to light the advent candles. Candlelight services at church were always wondrous to me. And some of my favorite candles have been special gifts from friends or from my kids, some sitting unburned just so I can remember them. Sometimes I light a candle when I’m looking for inspiration. Staring into a candle’s flame can be an interesting meditation. We clean up the candle holders and have candles burning at dinner on special occasions. And sometimes, I like to light a few candles and just soak in the tub by candlelight… ah.

We learned a new trick at one of our recent parties of using our hands to quickly push the candle flame away from the candle to make it go out – that was pretty cool. Some of our guests were very good at it, but we all had fun trying it. Somehow, they are always a part of our celebrations…