¡The AntiCraft!

Technically, a henge is actually an oval or circular earthwork, with a surrounding bank built up of the earth excavated from a ditch inside the bank. By this definition, Stonehenge is not truly a henge in any sense, as its ditch lies outside the bank.

There have been many theories as to the intended purpose of Stonehenge and other standing stones. The most likely seems to be, at least in part, that of seasonal calendar, as the sun aligns with particular stones at the solstices. This phenomenon, coupled with the mystery of the henges’ origins, has made the henges into sites of pagan ritual in recent centuries, if not throughout their histories. Some of those ancient rites are rumored to have included ritual sacrifice.

Let Baconhenge be the site of your seasonal celebration! Let bacon stand in for the sacrificed Year King, French toast for the Grain Goddess, the eggs in the frittata for the Cosmic Egg, and the vegetables for the bountiful Earth on which we live.

MMMMM, bacon!!