Father's Day Foto Fun

Tom’s folks are here to visit for Jonathan’s graduation, and so we went and got Father’s Day pictures taken today at the Picture People in the mall. The picture session was pretty fun, with lots of joking around (my favorite photo is of me with my two boys in headlocks…)

So, we had lunch, picked up our phto prints and did some shoping. I entrusted the carrying of the photos to Tom. We all split up for some shopping and then got back together to head for home.

Get home, and had the big framed picture, but no packet with the rest of the photos, which he had lost somewhere. Sigh. So I called the photo place to get them and mall security on the lookout for the photos, and sent Tom back up to see if they could be retrieved. Luckily, someone had indeed found and turned them in to the Picture People.

I have dealt a lot lately with Tom’s forgetting things and misplacing things, but this was just beyond annoying, since I had just paid over $200 for pictures. I wasn’t pleased at all. I am relieved they were found, but still rather miffed at the carelessness. It makes me wonder what it is ok to trust him with, and what I just have to make sure is taken care of myself.

In some ways, this relates to my current thoughts about our political situation. The adminstration wants everyone to just trust them, even when they have proven now time after time that they are far too careless to be trusted. And I really wonder at those who continue to believe in them, after having been shown over and over again that their trust is misplaced. And I wonder what, while we are all still absorbed in the big picture, is slipping out of the large envelope, being misplaced somewhere, and if it will ever be found or returned to us. And do we dare, after being shown we can’t trust them, to let them return again to the store to retrieve what was lost? Or will they merely take our credit cards and buy out the store and run off with the goods?

At least I know my husband is trustworthy, if sometimes careless or forgetful.