Listen with your eyes


Huangguoshu Waterfall, Guizhou Province.–the 3rd largest waterfall in the world.

“It has to be felt deeper, below the surface, at the very point where all senses merge. Merge with them right there like a fleck of foam falling into a stream. Just by listening with your eyes you can fold back on yourself and merge into that primal stream of awareness like a river is swallowed by the immensity of the ocean. Only then will you know what point to live from. Only then will you be sure.”

– G. Bluestone
Journeys on Mind Mountain

Red and yellow and
Pink and Green
Purple and orange and blue

I can sing a rainbow
Sing a rainbow
Sing a rainbow for you

Listen with your eyes
Listen with your eyes
And sing everything you see

You can sing a rainbow
Sing a rainbow
Sing along with me…

(Although it always did rather bother me as a kid that the colors of the rainbow in the song were not in the right ROYGBIV order…)