How have your dreams been of late?

Wrote this comment in response to Casey’s post today on Personal Tao and invite you to answer his query as well:

My dreams tend to follow my day to a large extent — last night was planning to go to a barbecue this evening with a friend, and dreamed about that friend. I also was doing a talk for the Humane Society and the other speaker was a man who I’ve heard talk about the chaparral and fire prevention, so I dreamed about fires. Haven’t had any very unusual dreams lately.

I think my spirit is pretty settled. When it is changing, I tend to dream about houses. When there’s lots of construction going on, I know things are at work. If the house is large and there are parties going on, I know I’m in a good place with myself and others. ;^) If I’m dreaming about other people’s houses, then I’m usually working on something in that relationship, or worried about them for some reason.

I really know things are wrong when I dream about black cars. For some reason, they pop up in really troubled times. I dream about animals when I’m getting some kind of spiritual message — often wolves or dogs or sometimes birds.

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(more later — must run off to a barbecue…)