Living Wabi Sabi

wabi-sabi-as-ux-design-approach-for-web20 Interesting ideas for wabi sabi as applied to web design

Wabi Sabi is simple… Anyone can benefit from the ideals of Wabi Sabi, just as any kind of fruit becomes sweeter from the rays of the sun. The sun doesn’t add sugar; the sugar is already in the fruit. The sun only helps reveal it. In this way, your philosophy of life is like the fruit, and Wabi Sabi is like the sun making sweeter what was already there… It’s what we do today with our knowledge of the past that matters. I want you to see how to apply Wabi Sabi here and now. I want you to know how living Wabi Sabi can transform your life, now and in the future. Like sugar from the sun.” — Taro Gold, Living Wabi Sabi