Golden Dreams

The dream of the golden retriever ranch continues… this is my image for the Artist’s Way “Environment” task this week. My ideal environment is a big ranch near a lake or perhaps ocean shore where I can raise goldens, train them, and prepare them to be service dogs. I also want to be able to rescue dogs and repurpose them as service dogs or pets. It needs to be near a town where the dogs can go and be socialized at nursing care facilities, schools, etc. But I want enough “country” around me that I can garden, have a stable and horses, be near a guest house or bed and breakfast that could use our kennels as a place for their guests pets to stay near them. I want to be able to have enough staff or family here that we can take off and travel when we want, so it would truly serve as our “base camp” for exploring the world.

And of course, we would do dog yoga.