The 'Moderate Republican' Scam

Yup, there it is. Republicans – the party of extremists. All of ’em. Torture and war mongers, the people who REALLY hate our freedoms – so they try to take them all away, one at a time.

Terrorists can only take our lives – it takes Republicans to take our liberty and freedom away.

Harold Meyerson – The ‘Moderate Republican’ Scam –

The House and Senate vote to ban flag-burning and gay marriage but never quite find the time to slow the rising costs of health care or raise the minimum wage or mandate fuel efficiency standards lest the polar ice cap melt. Chafee, Snowe and DeWine readily admit that a melted polar ice cap would be troublesome; they will fight it tooth and nail. But come time to vote for majority leader, they always vote for a leader of a party in thrall to big oil.

Problem is, Chafee and his moderate band are an ever weaker force in a party whose very essence is extreme, whose electoral strategy is solely to mobilize its base, whose legislative strategy is never to seek votes across party lines. And unless these moderates boldly go where they have not gone before and cast their vote for majority leader (and I don’t mean in caucus, I mean on the Senate floor) for someone other than the nominee of their party caucus, they are not moderates at all. They are loyal and indispensable foot soldiers in the Republicans’ continuing campaign to drag the nation rightward and backward.

And guess what. The moderates will vote for the extremist. “Moderate,” after all, is only an adjective; “Republican” is a noun. Chafee, Snowe, the whole lot of them, are moderate enablers of an extremist party. That leaves those voters in Rhode Island, Maine, Ohio and other states where these self-proclaimed Republican moderates are running only one choice if they seek a Congress to check and balance the president, if they want a more moderate nation: Vote for the Democrat.