Great things from great people

I love it when my mail brings me great things from great people!

From the folks, I got “It Takes a Nation“, a very nice accounting of the people who opened their doors when MoveOn set up (since rolled into Katrina’s Angels) to help people find housing after Katrina, and the friendships forged with those who they took in. It is heartening and tragic at the same time to read their accounts.

From my high school friend Debbie Lippmann, who I saw this summer at our 30th high school reunion, I got her CD and some of her nail and beauty care products from her great nail care line, The Lippmann Collection. Debbie has done very well as the “manicurist to the stars”, doing nailwork for many celebrities and her work appears in many fashion magazines. She took the brave step of recording a jazz CD that is simply amazing, and a real pleasure to listen to. I wish I had her bravery to take that step! And to run a business – wow. I’m thrilled at all the great things she’s doing!

Thanks for the gifts, Debbie! You made my day!