Letter to the editor too long for the paper to print

And they wonder why we don’t bother reading them anymore. We can’t even express our own opinions if they’re longer than two hundred words.

No wonder people are so misinformed these days.

Thanks goodness I have a blog where I can be as verbose as I damn well please!


The Bush McCain economy

Watching the financial meltdown this week is an excellent preview of the economic disasters waiting for us if John McCain, Phil Gramm and company take charge of the White House and the financial world. Gramm’s policies have been one of the key drivers in setting this entire financial disaster into motion.

Barack Obama has a good plan to deal with the current situation, the best financial advisers and a good handle on what is happening in our economy, while McCain continues to claim as recently as yesterday that “The fundamentals of our economy are strong.”

My family’s income level puts us in the top five percent of American families, and I’m worried. Not only for our investments, which we see declining by the day, not only for our technical jobs, which are endangered by McCain’s lack of understand of technical innovation, but by the lack of concern for education, which has already forced us to move one child out of state, since California universities are too impacted to have a place for him thanks to Arnie’s cuts. The second child will most likely end up out of state as well.

But even when they graduate college, as so few are able to afford to do right now, what jobs will be waiting for them? Obama has a STEM plan — for science, technology, engineering and math education — that McCain couldn’t even envision putting into place. If we don’t regain our technology advantage and provide jobs for skilled workers, there is little hope for the rest of the economy, either.

Enough with obsessing over moose hunting and lipstick. Report on the issues that matter — economics, and how we can get our country moving forwards again after the backwards policies of the Bush administration that McCain will undoubtedly continue.

He and his friends making “over $5 million” — the rich, as he calls them — may be fine, but the rest of us are very, very worried right now. Even those of us next in line on the income ladder. And, by the way, I checked — Obama will not raise even OUR taxes, like I said, in the top five per cent of income. So stop spreading the lies of the McCain campaign.

Donna Woodka