Terrorist Cookies

US News Article | Reuters.com

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – A toy car and a cookie prompted a bomb scare at San Diego airport on Tuesday when they were mistaken for possible bomb-making parts in a passenger’s luggage.

Officials closed the commuter terminal at San Diego International Airport and evacuated passengers for about an hour after baggage screeners using X-ray equipment raised a red flag.

“Both of those items together on the screen gave the appearance of an … improvised explosive device,” Transport Security Administration spokeswoman Jennifer Peppin said.

Peppin said that, seen on the X-ray, the cookie resembled organic material that could be a raw component of a homemade bomb. Inspectors may also have spotted batteries or wire in the child’s toy car, she said.

A handful of flights were delayed until the contents of the suspect bag proved harmless.

The scare followed bomb threats phoned in around dawn on Tuesday to two airports north of San Diego — Long Beach and Orange County’s John Wayne airport in the Los Angeles area. Both airports were searched but nothing was found.

OK, so terrorists – make sure you shape those explosive charges like cookies and toys! Oh, and get a six year old to carry them for you…

Reminds me of when they wanted to cut open my sister-in-law’s stuffed teddy bear…

What an insane country we live in.