Migraine Aura

Those of you who have seen these will know what my morning is like…. at least I won’t be reading much today!

Oh, but this is kind of cool – a page about migraine art – maybe I’ll look at it later – after the headache – which is about to begin.. left side of my head, above the eye, oh joy…. I have not had a migraine since 2001, when I was flying back from San Fransciso shortly after 9/11 and caught in the airport security crush. I got a terrible migraine from that. Today, this just came on suddenly with no apparent reason, other than maybe hormonally related.

I do have to admit, the visula effects are pretty stunning. Cool jaggy rainbows everywhere. It’s kind of pretty until the headache starts….I got some food and ibuprofen in me so maybe it won’t be too bad.